Cat 6 on J-hooks

J-Hooks for network cabling

Cat 6 on J-hooks that go to server room.

J-Hooks cares cables to room

Cat 6 cabling bundled and runs to server cabinet.

Cables running into Server

Cat 6 cabling running through office that was a long run.

Long runs of networking cables

Wireless network access point installed inside a barn.

Hardware keeps cables safe

D-hooks are easy to install and inexpensive to buy.

D-Hooks for network cabling

We offer a wide range of professional services, such as feasibility, studies, system engineering, turn-key installation, as well as post installation maintenance. Unlike most wireless system integrators, we begin any discussion with a prospective customer, with no pre-conceived ideas for a specific product. Then, discuss each organizations requirements with them, and carefully identify and engage the necessary assets, as required. By understanding our customer’s needs before making any recommendations, typically offer numerous wireless options for establishing connectivity. Also, unlike most wireless integrators we look to educate our customers. Educate them about the issues to be considered when designing a wireless connection such as the numerous options for providing connectivity, how to implement a scalable solution, and the best means for becoming self-reliant.

Custom Solutions for Co-axial and Security Camera

Reed Dynamics use the best RG-6 splitters and RG-6 cabling.

Running RG-6 Installation

Creative solutions can solve difficult problems when using RG-6.

RG-6 Custom Solutions

Sercuirty camera cable is one of Drew Reed's speicality.

Security Camera Cabling

Reed Dynamics has been the leading provider of commercial access control and security system installations in the Ann Arbor area and throughout Michigan for close to a decade. Since 2010, we have designed and installed CCTV & IP surveillance cameras and alarm systems for commercial businesses, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, and government buildings throughout Michigan. We will help you plan wisely and react efficiently in the event of a security threat with features like keyless entry, alarm systems, intercoms and camera systems. Developed unique designs to create a customized system specific to any business’ needs. Our team will work with you to evaluate your security needs and ensure your property, employees, and valuables are protected from internal and external security risks.

Server cabinet installer and maintenance

Business IT / Personal networks are now a crucial element in the hard services required to run a business effectively. The focus on the type of network cabling required is essential and the same should be considered for the design of Data Racks and Cabinets. The size of the rack or cabinet is driven initially from the number of data cables to be patched into it. However consideration for data network growth, cable management, active equipment and fan trays is important to allow the data cabinet/ Rack to maintain its neetness and serviceabilty.

Server racks provide several advantages. They allow multiple servers to be centrally located, regardless of the particular task(s) each is used for. Server computers in a rack also take up less floor space, since they occupy more vertical space than horizontal. By housing an organization’s server computers in a rack, cost-effective density can be achieved.

Data cabinet solutions in Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit. Wall mounted data cabling cabinets can offer very usable solutions up to 21U and can be installed in any area ideal for smaller business that do not have server rooms. Floor standing data / server racks up to 47U allow for the larger systems and the combination of patching and active equipment if a server dedicated rack is not required. We install all types of data cabinets and racks and will survey and advise on the correct option for your data network needs. Installing the data cabinets / racks patch panels all network data cabling and electrical services and Air Conditioning services complete the skills required to install from the smallest cabinet to a full server room.

Design and Building Servers

As a custom computer / server builder, we strive to offer my customers the best array of component choices available today. A custom server computer is the smart choice for business of all sizes. When you invest in a custom server computer, you get to decide how your budget is used, getting more of what you need, without wasting vital funds on features you don’t.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and options you should be aware of, when looking for a custom server.

    1. 1. First, a server computer is typically more robust than a standard workstation, and more specialized in function. A key feature of a good server system is reliability. Because most often, a server plays a mission-critical role in the functioning of the organization using it, the server system needs to run, day in, day out, for years without fail.


    1. 2. Second, a server may be customized to excel in processing power, storage, both or neither, depending on the application(s) it will be used for. As an example, a server that is being used to create a centralized and secure repository of all of a company’s data would be designed with many hard drives working in unison. Another server might be used to run one or more processor intensive applications. Such a server system might have multiple processors and large amount of memory, to provide the required speed. Yet other servers might focus on internet and network security, email or web services, etc.


  1. 3. Third, a server computer system often uses a chassis that differs greatly from those used for workstation or home computers. These specialized chassis are usually housed (installed) into a vertical frame called a Rack. Most racks can hold several server computers. Server computer system chassis designed to fit into a rack are measured in ‘U’. ‘U’ stands for Rack Unit, with one unit being 1.75 inches in height. A server system that is in a 3U chassis takes up 3 Rack Units when mounted into the rack. Racks vary in size and therefore the number of ‘U’ available for server installation.

The above only scratches the surface of the possibilities for what computer servers can do and how they can be used to optimize computing in an organization. To configure a custom server computer for your needs, contact Reed Dynamics today.